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Counseling for Anxiety and Stress


Feeling stressed and not so blessed? Do you feel like you need a vacation to feel a sense of peace from the chaos? We are with you and feel that you need less stress management and more LIFE management. 

The reality is many women do all the things, or at least in our heads we plan the things that keep the home running. As busy moms we are pulled in so many directions that it is easy to lose sight of finding our purpose in life and living for everyone and everything else. You probably don’t feel like an over achiever recently. Although you get a lot of happiness, and self esteem from the work you do, you ask yourself often if you were “Made for Something More” (Rachel Hollis).  The good news is, if you’re READY to make changes, we can get you there! 

The expectations put on busy working adults is overwhelming. With constant advancements in technology many people struggle to ever disconnect from the outside pressures of the world, and have never ending to do lists that keep their mind bogged down and unable to be present in the moments they wish they were.


According to Psychology Today, most people are dealing with at least a moderate level of stress on a daily basis — 4.9 out of 10 on average! Of course, that is only those that admit to actually being stressed, or are tuned in enough to know somethings not right. 


Stress is not always bad. In fact, back in cave man days it was there to let us know to get up and fight the bear! The issue in modern days, is most people live and breathe stress. This stress impacts everything and everyone around them, causing them to be more short and frustrated with loved ones and have a short tolerance for life’s annoyances. 



Modern life presents many challenges that make dealing with normal stress harder including:


    • Increased Stress in the Workplace (83% of people report workplace stress!)
    • Parenting Challenges
    • Major Life Changes such as Divorce, Loss, or Infidelity
    • Financial Insecurity
    • Feeling Overwhelmed about holding everything together

Do you Feel Constantly Worried, Tired, Drained or Stressed?

The effects of keeping up with the pressures of this day and age can create anxiety, depression, panic and overwhelm, if not managed effectively. Did you know there is now tons of research about the negative effects from stress long-term? A great book to read on this topic is called The Body Keeps Score, get it here. 

Women are even more susceptible to stress, with heart disease being the leading cause of death for women of all ages due to stress. This is not surprising when you are juggling multiple roles as a mother, daughter, career woman, wife, and all around Superwoman.

We work with men and women who are tired of being anxious and on edge, and desperately need relief. Fun fact, a previous client in the past sought out Jessica from positive feedback he heard to get help with his issues of nervousness and anxiety in the work place, he jokingly named her the Anxiety Guru after the work they did! 

We will teach you how to balance life’s challenges, adopt healthy self care routines, and prevent work stress from hitching a ride home with you. The end result is you have a life you look forward to living instead of enduring! Begin the journey to more joy, peace and harmony in your life today.

Not everyone is ready to quiet their anxiety and find their true life’s joy and purpose.





Change is hard. Clients who are TRULY ready to overcome their anxiety: 

  • They know once they change the others in their lives haven’t unless they do the work too
  • They are an open book and willing to do whatever is necessary to overcome this anxiety
  • They understand why anxiety exists and their relationship with it
  • Their willing to look at all aspects of their life and how anxiety plays a vital role in it both good and bad
  • They are willing to get all the worries out of their head and on paper and begin organizing their thoughts/worries/goals and lives, email us at for this amazing document! 
  • They do homework that is recommended from their counselor, click here for the freebie: click here for start the process of de-stressing you today. 
  • They want to be present in life and stop pressing fast forward. They no longer want to be Unconscious Leaders in their home and or work, check out this amazing leadership book on how to become Conscious Leaders by clicking here. 
  • Maybe you’re ready to organize your stress and take charge? Let us know you’re ready and we will send you the free document today! 


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