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EMDR for Trauma Processing


EMDR Therapy for Trauma Processing
(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Looking for an Alternative to Talk Therapy? Try EMDR instead, it is very effective on depression, PTSD, and anxiety, without having to relive the trauma.

Looking for An Alternative to Traditional Talk Therapy?

Try EMDR instead!


Curious what an EMDR session is like and how it works?

Watch this short 5 min. video about how the VA uses EMDR to heal Vets with PTSD.


I am Counselor Jessica, as an EMDR Therapist in Illinois, I help you heal deeply troubling images and events, without putting you through the painful process of having to discuss your feelings at length over and over again. Before I did EMDR with clients I did talk therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy with many clients yet they still felt stuck in their negative thoughts or events that led to their discomfort. You know you’re stuck when: there’s no rational reason you should be thinking those negative thoughts or feeling, you’ve tried everything (or so you thought) and you’re still not feeling any better or people who know you the most give you their concerns.

EMDR is THE best therapy for people suffering from PTSD, but is also effective on people with Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Benefits of EMDR:

  • Gain awareness, healing and insight immediately
  • Decrease stress and anxiety due to relaxed fight or flight responses, check out our stress video here
  • Turn your negative beliefs into positive affirmations
  • Make long-lasting changes to your brain chemistry with desensitization techniques
  • No lengthy talk therapy or deep dives into your most painful memories and feelings
  • You learn how to calm yourself down and ground yourself, check out the video on the Butterfly Hug that we use in EMDR click here. 
  • I know EMDR sounds weird, but I promise it’s life changing, especially for my helpers and first responders (Check out our section for first responders). If we can process your traumas within 24-48 hours they are LESS likely to develop into PTSD. The more we avoid the stressors, the more they eventually come out. 

          And . . .

EMDR generally takes fewer sessions than traditional therapy and gets you long-lasting relief much sooner!


How EMDR Is Different Than Traditional Talk Therapy:

EMDR is unique and effective in that it doesn’t require you to dwell on your feelings about the traumatic circumstances you have endured. 

How EMDR Works: The Desensitization Process:

An EMDR therapist, like myself, uses a series of eye movements, taps and sounds to deactivate the memory and the negative self beliefs it created. Often we don’t even realize we have carried these negative thought patterns around subconsciously for years, or even since childhood! However, EMDR works even if you don’t remember the original cause of the hurt, or can’t consciously recall it. This is why it works so well for war vets, crime victims, and anyone with unprocessed trauma. All of our work is done via online and is life changing if you’re willing to do the work. 

Click here to learn more about How an EMDR Session Works and What to Expect on the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) website.

EMDR is extensively researched and supported by the following major health organizations among others, The American Psychiatric Association, SAMSHA, US Department of Veteran’s Affairs, World Health Organization (WHO).

If anything is affecting your daily life in ways you don’t understand, don’t wait,
Give EMDR a Try!

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