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Couple Intensive

“Marathon” Counseling For The Busy Couple

Does the idea of multiple couples counseling sessions stress you and your partner out because of your busy schedules? Maybe you desire to get quicker relief and make intense changes in your relationship struggles, or want in person and live out of town? If you and your partner said “Yes”, then an intensive style of couples therapy might be right for you. We often refer to this type of therapy as “Marathon therapy” because we spend 8-12 hours with you depending on the severity.


These extended sessions offer couples the opportunity to process their issues in an in-depth way without running out of time because we spend 18 hours with you over the course of three days. Many couples who have experienced both traditional therapy and marathon therapy have stated that the marathon sessions helped them make progress more quickly. Marathon therapy is designed to help couples deal with their conflict, but we go beyond the problems of the relationship to help the couple re-build their basic relationship.

So what is the process of this intensive therapy?

    You do your Gottman assessments first before meeting your counselor as well as all intake paperwork.  Each of you would fill out these questionnaires independently and send them to your therapist who then would score them and evaluate the relationship based on John Gottman’s research. When you come for the session, we begin by having you sit down and talk a little about what has brought you into couples therapy and the history of relationship up to this point. Each of you will have some individual time with the therapist so that we can fully evaluate the relationship. We then will develop the goals of the therapy and get down to the intensive work.

    Why Use the Gottman Method? 

    We offer couple counseling techniques based on the Gottman method which includes:

    • A careful evaluation of each couple’s unique situation
    • Thorough in person or online 8 hour sessions
    • Therapy sessions focused on:
      • Rebuilding friendship and affection
      • Regulating conflict
      • Repairing hurts
      • Moving together into the future
      • Learning to self soothe and how to communicate
      • Special focus on work with helpers with stress/trauma who struggle to feel calm and pour from an empty cup
    • Homework exercises to strengthen the relationship
    • Careful relapse prevention plan to bring about lasting change

    Some couples struggle with special circumstances which contribute to their situation such as:

    • Previous marriages
    • Step family issues
    • Childhood Abuse/stress history
    • Emotional issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety

    Are you still unsure if you’d benefit from this work? Click here to learn what your problem areas are in your relationship!