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What our clients are saying

"Jessica Wright is such a great practitioner! She knows how to connect to people well as well as meet them where they are. She is incredibly competent and always works with so much energy. I highly recommend her counseling practice. She is sure to be a great support person on your mental health journey." 

"My therapist is great and easy to work with! She is able to care uniquely about everyone who comes to her. I felt really listened to and understood, something that isn’t always easy to come by."

"Awesome and knowledgeable  counseling! Thoughtful, caring and skilled counselor with excellent life ideas that you can make work for you. Definitely will schedule another visit again!"

“Jessica helped me and my husband learn that we can get through anything. She gave us the most important thing back, hope that our relationship can get through everything. She has studied Dr. Gottman for years and can apply it to the relationships of helpers like us! My husband is in the military and I’m a first responder. Because of her we know that helpers do love differently and their support should be too! I highly recommend her work and her couples course!”

“We were struggling with communication and being able to compromise. Jessica offered Gottman research and applied it to our lives and relationship challenges. She helped us learn to listen to each other more. We have a sense of peace after working with her and know that we can always work with her in the future whenever needed. The wedded bliss and contented coupledom you once shared is possible to have again."