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About Me

WHO: Wright Choice Counseling, a growing  and ever expanding therapy practice all throughout the state of Illinois.

Jessica Wright, LCSW:  
“I promise to not judge you. I love to laugh and love to help you live your best life, whatever that is! I am solution focused and if you promise to do the work, we will get you to your HIGHEST goals in counseling.” 

Cassie Eilers, Pre licensed MSW graduate: “I help hold you accountable to achieve the life you’ve always wanted! I’m easy going yet will give you that extra push when you need it. I specialize in depression and overcoming suicidal ideation and groups.”

WHAT: Quality therapy. both online and in person (Gottman Intensive 8 hour sessions only must come to Vandalia, IL, fly in if you’d like to visit and have dinner on us with your intensive! Message us more for details.)

WHERE: Provided to you in the comfort of your own home, car, or office…wherever is most convenient and comfortable for YOU.

WHEN: Because our therapy sessions are provided primarily online, this allows us to be flexible and work with your schedule. We are often available at times that most therapists are not, like weekends and after 5pm during the work week. Reach out, and we will find something that works for your busy schedule together.

WHY: Everyone deserves the right to get through the challenges they are facing. Research says success happens in therapy when you have a great connection with your therapist. 

HOW: We use a HIPPA compliant secure video site, similar to Facetime, but it’s 100% confidential and secure.

· A Little More About The Team·

Jessica Wright

I am originally from Washington state and am a transplant to Illinois. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), graduated from University of Washington. My favorite people to work with are my high achieving stressed out women and their partners. I have worked in a variety of social work settings for over 10 years often around first responders. I understand stress on the job and why self care is so important. When I’m not changing the world, I’m running, playing guitar, enjoying time with family, or drinking coffee.

I know you aren’t broken. You have the answers. You deserve joy. You’ve spent too much time worrying and not enough doing and creating the life you’ve always wanted.  I am here to help you get there every step of the way. Check out more about me at psychology today here or check out my video on my YouTube channel on ways to relax more by clicking here. 

I can be reached by calling: 618-699-8874. 

Cassie Eilers

I offer individual sessions where we can focus on you and your needs to reach your goals. I also offer group workshops on different struggles such as depression, mommy burnout, suicidal ideation, focus, motivation, etc. Working with others in a group environment can help you see you are not alone and have the support you need. 

I know that overcoming personal struggles is not easy and I look forward to being a supporting individual in your journey to being the best version of yourself.

Check out my psychology today here: