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High Achieving Women
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First Responders
Gottman Couples Counseling
Clarity, Stress Relief, and Relationship Healing

*Currently accepting new patients for HIPAA-secured virtual sessions.*


Gottman Couples Therapy

You’re disconnected from your spouse. For so many years you have wished they would open up and want to strengthen your relationship more. You’re finally both ready to revitalize your  relationship. Using Evidence Based research from Dr. Gottman on what makes “masters couples” we will transcend your love and relationship. 

Couples Intensives & Marathon

You’re ready for quick and effective results! It’s time to make some serious changes in your relationship. You want better communication and compromise, to be connected physically and emotionally, and to have more fun.  Your counselor will discuss which level of intensity your relationship needs whether it’s a Gottman eight hour  intensive  in person in Vandalia, Illinois or online or four hour online marathon. These are offered offered online for those in the State of Illinois. 

Counseling for Depression

You feel down and you’ve tried everything. Sometimes you’ve had a reason for your feelings, but recently you have no idea why you’re depressed which makes it so much worse. You’ve thought about ending it all, or that your family might be better without you. This is not true and we will help you get back on the path to freedom of sadness. We can see that your life will get better, even when you can’t. 


EMDR for Trauma, PTSD, or Becoming “Unstuck”

You’re tired of being stuck in what happened in the past. You think negative thoughts such as “I’m responsible” and “I need to be in control” many days. Whether or not chronic stressful events or a traumatic event impacted your negative thoughts that you continuously battle, we have your solution which is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), all which are offered online. Click here to learn more!

Counseling for Anxiety

You cannot remember a time when they were not overwhelmed. You are tired of always feeling frustrated and angry with their spouse and feel disconnected from the things that matter most to you like family, work, and friends.   You want to change your habits, thoughts, and routines so that they are confident, organized, and can manage life stresses. We will help you transform your life and find balance and purpose.



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• First Responders

• Service Providers


Anyone Seeking a Therapist in Illinois

For Clarity, Stress Relief, and Relationship Healing


*Currently accepting new patients for HIPAA-secured virtual sessions, couples intensives are available in person in Illinois*

Finally Achieved Your Life Dream only to be left FEELING UNFULFILLED?

Anxiety Over Your Un-Met To-Do Lists KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT?

Is Being an Overachiever or Perfectionist TAKING A TOLL?

Maybe Your  A Stressed Out Mom and You Need To Make Changes? 


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Hi, I’m Jessica Wright, an LCSW with 10 yrs. of experience in social work, counseling and forensic settings. I understand work stress and how important self-care is for helpers, overachievers and all of us in this complex age. As a wife of a veteran, I love working with first responders and their partners!  I will steer you the “Wright” way with Wright Choice Counseling!

This isn’t just therapy,

You aren’t sure you need it,
have never done therapy before,
or maybe are just a little afraid to get started.

I work with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, gender, and sexual orientations. My approach is to listen in a non-judgmental way and offer support and patient guidance. This process allows you to uncover feelings that may be hiding out in your subconscious so we can address them including:

  • Being worn out all the time and not knowing why
  • Feeling like your stress and anxiety are out of control
  • Being overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, frustration or sadness

This is not a cookie-cutter approach, I tailor it to your specific needs using a variety of Therapy Techniques that take you on a journey to a happier, healthier life. From wellness for First Responders, to helping overworked men and women learn how to de-stress, I am here to support you with patience and caring.

Therapy for First Responders

I do therapy specifically for first responders and other service providers, such as mental health workers, social workers, and others in helper or caregiving roles. EMDR is an excellent therapy technique for those who have been dealing with unprocessed or repeated trauma. There are several contributing factors that can cause personal or relationship issues for first responders and service providers too, including:

  • Burnout
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Second-Hand Trauma
  • Chaotic and Stressful Work Environments
  • Lack of Sleep, Long Hours and Overnight Shifts
  • Feeling Misunderstood, Unseen, and Unheard by Your Partner
  • Difficulty Maintaining Work/Life Balance

In therapy sessions, I discuss how these are just symptoms of being in an occupational helper role and explain how my techniques give you relief and breathe new life into your partnerships. You and/or your partner may just be coping with work stress the best way you know how, but without communicating this, misunderstandings happen that get in the way of the happy, fulfilling relationship that is still possible.

Are You or Your Partner in a Helper Role?

If so check out my Gottman Method Couples page and the section below. Learn how to establish healthy boundaries between work and home and improve communication in your relationship.

I show you how to get the joy back in your union with non-judgmental relationship counseling from someone who understands. I have worked in many different forensic and social service settings, so I know first hand what it can take out of you and what tools you need to stay connected.

Gottman Method Couples

I use the Gottman Method, developed by Doctors John and Julie Gottman, who studied couples he called, “Master Couples,” in love labs at the University of Washington. His unique method allows me to help couples overcome happiness blocks in their relationships more efficiently and with less emotional strain. I’m not the traditional counselor who wants to deep dive into all past issues and I don’t want to be your counselor forever. 

Instead, I consider myself your coach and biggest relationship cheerleader. I provide you with a practical relationship assessment that will determine the exact steps needed to heal what is hurting your relationship.

Start by taking my free quiz “Top 10 Relationship Killers for Helpers” Quiz to learn more about current areas you are struggling with in your relationship. At the end you receive my free workbook, “Helpers Love Differently,” with exercise to begin bridging the road to connection with your partner.

I take the anxiety and stress out of reopening long-lost communication channels with your partner, and help you hit reset on your relationship. We will uncover underlying trust issues, family patterns, and other factors that you may not realize are affecting your marriage or relationship. I also teach you how to communicate your needs and be open to receiving the needs of others in a healthier way, using Gottman method techniques. The end result?

You gain a deeper, more solid connection, and a relationship that can truly withstand the test of time.


Schedule a consultation call today, and we will send you a free de-stress lovely e-Book

In this book you will Take a quick 5 min. stress test to see where you are at, and get 5 easy tips for how you can start feeling better right now!